HTMl5 is a new generation of HTML, relatively young specification, and as result, bowser support is quite limited. Here are browser that supported HTML5:

1. Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5+)
2. Apple Safari (version 4.0+)
3. Opera (vesion 10.0+)
4. Google chrome (version 3.0+)

HTML5 have great new features, for example sementic elements that aim to give meaning to the various parts of a modern web page. HTML5 support canvas element,playig <audio> and <video>

Free download ebook html5 tutorial
1. Create modern Web sites using HTML5 and CSS3.
2. HTML5 Quick Learning Guide.
3. Quick reference guide HTML5.
4. HTML5 for Dummie

Title: Download 4 Ebook HTML5 Tutorial
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