Here i wan t to share about language variable variable. You can visit complate tutorial here.

What does that mean $this->{$var}?

This is example how to use $this->4{$var}

$this->a = "hello";
$this->b = "hi";
$this->val = "howdy";

$val = "a";
echo $this->{$val}; // outputs "hello"

$val = "b";
echo $this->{$val}; // outputs "hi"

echo $this->val; // outputs "howdy"

echo $this->{"val"}; // also outputs "howdy"
Working example:
This of course is working within a class context. You can use variable variables in a local context just as easily like this:
$a = "hello";
$b = "hi";

$val = "a";
echo $$val; // outputs "hello"

$val = "b";
echo $$val; // outputs "hi"
Working example:

Title: PHP, Language Variable Variable $this->{$var}
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