What will you learn from this e-book:
  • What is Android–a GPhone?
  • The android Code challenge
  • Creating Android application
  • The AndroidManifest.xml
  • Resource and the magic R.java
  • Hello World - The Android way
  • Using Intents
  • Important Layout and viewGroups
Download  Android Programming with Tutorials from the anddev.org-Community here

Free Download e-book Android Programming Basic - what will you learn from this e-book:
  • Making and testing Android projects

  • Basic program structure

  • Java-based layout

  • XML-based layout

  • Eclipse ADT visual layout editor

  • Hybrid layout
  • Project structure summary
This e-book is only for beginner who want to learn android programming.

Download Android Programming for beginner here

If you are a web programmer, you must learn CSS 3, because many features in CSS 3. Here i want to share 3 ebook CSS 3 and you can download it for free.

What you will learn from these e-books:
  • the word-wrap property to contain overflowing text
  • the border-radius property to create rounded corners
  • HSLA to create semitransparent backgrounds
  • the linear-gradient function to create gradient backgrounds
  • the box-shadow property to create drop shadows behind objects
  • the text-shadow property to create drop shadows behind (you guessed it) text
  • the transform property to rotate objects
  • quick reference guide 
Download 3 ebook CSS 3:
  1. Stunning CSS 3. 
  2. Quick reference guide CSS 3
  3. CSS 3 for web designer

HTMl5 is a new generation of HTML, relatively young specification, and as result, bowser support is quite limited. Here are browser that supported HTML5:

1. Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5+)
2. Apple Safari (version 4.0+)
3. Opera (vesion 10.0+)
4. Google chrome (version 3.0+)

HTML5 have great new features, for example sementic elements that aim to give meaning to the various parts of a modern web page. HTML5 support canvas element,playig <audio> and <video>

Free download ebook html5 tutorial
1. Create modern Web sites using HTML5 and CSS3.
2. HTML5 Quick Learning Guide.
3. Quick reference guide HTML5.
4. HTML5 for Dummie

Laravel is a newest php framework. This is official website of laravel, laravel.com. Although new, many programmers are already using this framework. This framework has been using full php5.

Good framework is a framework that is equipped with documentation and has a forum. Laravel already have both of those requirements.

Download how to build website using laravel framework below:

1. Laravel 4 introduction.
2. Laravel testing decode sample. For full version you can buy it here

Codeigniter is a the best framework php, i like use this framework because its simple and easy to learn. Here i want to share 6 ebook codeigniter tutorial guide, you can get it for free.

In this ebook, you ca learn about introduction about codeigniter, Configuration, active record, create library, and more example application.

Download ebook codeigniter from link below:

1. Introduction to codeigniter ebook.
2. Codeigniter and MVC ebook.
3. Codeigniter professional development ebook.
4. Codeigniter user guide.
5. Codeigniter Sample ebook.
6. Codeigniter ebook.
7. Codeigniter Guide for beginner

Here i wan t to share about language variable variable. You can visit complate tutorial here.

What does that mean $this->{$var}?

This is example how to use $this->4{$var}

$this->a = "hello";
$this->b = "hi";
$this->val = "howdy";

$val = "a";
echo $this->{$val}; // outputs "hello"

$val = "b";
echo $this->{$val}; // outputs "hi"

echo $this->val; // outputs "howdy"

echo $this->{"val"}; // also outputs "howdy"
Working example: http://3v4l.org/QNds9
This of course is working within a class context. You can use variable variables in a local context just as easily like this:
$a = "hello";
$b = "hi";

$val = "a";
echo $$val; // outputs "hello"

$val = "b";
echo $$val; // outputs "hi"
Working example: http://3v4l.org/n16sk.

src: http://bit.ly/14238Mr

This is just my note in learning javascript, in this post, i want to share how to use onblur and onfocus event in login form.

I have two different example to implement it.

In this tutorial i want to share how to make and use template in codeigniter, this is just basic and very sample. Ok, this more steps to create it.

1. Setting your autoload.php file like this (this file located in folder application/config/autoload.php)

$autoload['helper'] = array('url');

Paging is very important if we have more data in database that will display in web, because with paging will make website loading will be faster. Here i will sharing about how to make a paging style in codeigniter. below step by step to make it:

1. In your view, add div class pagination like this