A few days ago I made an application using php, I create a php application by using xampp version 1.7.2 and the operating system that i used is windows xp. when I run it there are no problem. Then there is a problem when I run my application on windows 7. My first thought was maybe xampp version that does not compatible with windows 7, finally I download the latest version of xampp on this website. Then I tried to run the php application, the results of the application still errors, there are several databases that can not walk.

After that I searched the internet, it causes a php tag that I did not write the full. Finally I got the solution by enabling the short_open_tag php.

The following short to enable the php open tag.

1. xampp folder -> php -> and seach the file php.ini
2. Search this sript
short_open_tag = off

3. then replace it with on.

Title: How to active sort tag php?
Posted by faisal

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