many ways to get money from the internet, one of them is just by uploading a file, very easy and simple. You have to do is sign up, After that upload the files, when there are peoples download your file, you will get the money. sharecash is one of the programs that provide it, sharecash claiming that download price of files is higherfrom other file upload program. If youa are interested to join this program you can register here

Below is a Frequently Asked Questions from sharecash.

1)Will I get money every time ANY user downloads a file?

No, but most of the time you will. You receive money when the user is from a country that we have an advertisement for. We currently support over 240 countries, but the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have the most offers and therefore can make you the most money.

2)When will I get my money?

After the month ends your earnings are approved. If you want a payout for that month, and are above the payout minumum (only 10$), you can go into your account and request a payout. Payouts begin to go out on the 15th of the month, and generally last 4-5 days! So you don't have to wait 30 days for a payment like other uploading sites - you get yours right when the month ends!

3)How much do I get per download?

It depends on the user's country and the advertisers we have at the moment. The general range is 20 to 60 cents!

4)What types of files are allowed?

Any! There is no filter on file types! The only files you CAN'T upload are sexually explicit media or copyrighted files.

5)What is the maxiumum size limit?

The maximum size limit is 200 megabytes for a single file.

6)What is the maximum storage space for each user?

Each user has unlimited storage space!

7)How will I receive my money?

You have three choices when it comes to payouts: Paypal, ePassporte, or a Check!

7)Do you "scrub"?

No! Unlike other high paying pay per download websites, we don't scrub! That means you get paid for every download! While you can lose up to 70% of your earnings on other sites from scrubbing, you won't lose a dime here!

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