Extjs javascript framework that is powerful, its elegant UI, simple
This time I will explain some of the excess Extjs owned.

1. Form validation email check

To create an email form on the extjs validation, we can script like here


contoh: {
xtype:'textfield',//tipenya text
fieldLabel: 'Email',// Nama Labelnya
name: 'email',//nama field sesuai dengan di databse
vtype:'email', // validasi email
anchor:'95%' // lebarnya

so, if the writing format of the email wrong, so will display alert as follows

2. Check form can not be empty

to check which can not be empty, we live in extjs using script like this


fieldLabel: 'First Name', //nama label
name: 'first', // nama sesuai dengan nama field di databse
allowBlank:false //g boleh kosong

so if the form is empty, then there will be alert as shown below:

3. Check form time

Like the example above prayer to create a form of time, we live called the following command:

"new Ext.form.TimeField"

new Ext.form.TimeField({
fieldLabel: 'Time',
name: 'time',
minValue: '8:00am',
maxValue: '6:00pm'

if one of those filling out the form, it will appear like the following alert

4. Create html editor

script that is used to display the html editor is as follows:



{ xtype:'htmleditor', id:'bio', fieldLabel:'Biography', height:200, anchor:'98%' }

5. create tab panel



items: { xtype:'tabpanel', activeTab: 0, defaults:{autoHeight:true, bodyStyle:'padding:10px'}, items:[{ title:'Personal Details', layout:'form', defaults: {width: 230}, defaultType: 'textfield', items: [{ fieldLabel: 'First Name', name: 'first', allowBlank:false, value: 'Jack' },{ fieldLabel: 'Last Name', name: 'last', value: 'Slocum' },{ fieldLabel: 'Company', name: 'company', value: 'Ext JS' }, { fieldLabel: 'Email', name: 'email', vtype:'email' }] },{ title:'Phone Numbers', layout:'form', defaults: {width: 230}, defaultType: 'textfield', items: [{ fieldLabel: 'Home', name: 'home', value: '(888) 555-1212' },{ fieldLabel: 'Business', name: 'business' },{ fieldLabel: 'Mobile', name: 'mobile' },{ fieldLabel: 'Fax', name: 'fax' }] }] },

Title: validation in extjs
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